Central NJ Infosec

      ... is the premier information security meetup in New Jersey. We cover a vast array of subjects from the information security spectrum. We are a group of passionate individuals who care about learning & educating others to help them grow within the community. Our practitioners have diverse backgrounds as developers, system administrators, engineers, pentesters, Law Enforcement & Military. We are composed of apprentices, mentors & all levels in-between. If you are interested in getting a foothold in this industry or want to grow your skill set to become a highly talented individual, you've come to the right meetup.

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About Us

      Central NJ Infosec was started in 2016 by individuals who were frustrated that there were no solid Information Security meetups in Central NJ. Most meetups are either based in NYC, PA, or are in some in-between state of "dead", "unknown status" or in an unreasonable location. This proved to be the ideal opportunity to fill a necessary gap. Our goal is to help people who are interested in information security to further themselves in this industry, educate individuals on topics they are interested in, provide mentorship on best practices & grow our member's skills by providing user generated training & content. Our meetups are generally held the second week of the month at the Bridgewater, NJ library.

      Meetups are divided into two types: Educational & Social (Meet & Greet). The educational meetups focus on either a pre-selected topic that someone had prepared to present. This can be: a presentation of a tool or technique, information of high value to the audience, a random lightning talk ('hip pocket' session, 'birds of a feather' or 'firetalk').

      No pre-requisite knowledge is required to attend or give a talk at the meetup. We only ask that you come with an open mind, ready to learn & contribute. We have a roadmap & goals in mind that are very ambitious. Previous meetups can be found below.


     Below is an index of our meetups, newest to oldest. You can view what we covered at a given meetup & if the speaker cleared their slide deck for posting, it will be available for download on our wiki. On the wiki, you will also find additional information we felt was relevant if you are researching the topic further, or if someone else had questions about the presentation after. In the long term, we plan on recording talks & posting them on YouTube. Any additional information on the talks given can be found in our wiki. You will need to request an account to be created for you for access. You can contact DarkSim905 if you need this access.

- Central NJ Infosec - Meetups Index -
Date Location Presenter Topic Wiki
5/28/19 Bridgewater Library Matt K Adventures in CTF
4/17/19 Buffalo Wild Wings All Infosec Social - Professional Improvement
3/20/19 Bridgewater Library Alex Understanding APTs - Geopolitics in Cybersecurity Wiki
2/26/19 Bridgewater Library Matt K Hardware Hacking 101 Wiki
1/16/19 Bridgewater Library Jacob Combs OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect: An Overview Wiki
12/19/18 YESTERCades All InfoSec Game Night - End of Year Celebration
11/21/18 Bridgewater Library All Topic to be determined
10/17/18 Time to Eat Diner All InfoSec Social
9/18/18 Bridgewater Library All Topic to be determined
8/15/18 Chimney Rock Inn All InfoSec Social
7/20/18 HOPE at Hotel Penn in NYC All InfoSec Social Meetup at Hotel Penn
7/10/18 Internal Hackathon at NewsCorp DarkSim905 Protection: defending assets, information & yourself in a modern age
6/20/18 Buffalo Wild Wings Jeremy 'chazb0t' Chisamore, Matt K. Acoustic Attacks on HDDs, Running Internal CTFs
5/2/18 Buffalo Wild Wings All SIEMs, threat analysis, job hunting & general topics
4/18/18 Bridgewater Library Jerey 'chazb0t' Chisamore Zero to OSCP in 292 Days Wiki
3/21/18 Google Hangout Online Rainbow Everything is fucked & It's All Your Fault! Wiki
2/21/18 Bridgewater Library Ben Smith & Conner Gilsenan Using Wireshark to dissect protocols / 2FA Primer & How to Fix It
1/17/18 Bridgewater Library Dan Sherry Threat Intelligence & You Wiki
12/20/2017 Bridgewater Library Anna Voortman InfoSec Social - Paradox v. Contradiction: How Trump won election before it even began
11/14/2017 Bridgewater Library Cody Hofstetter Privacy & Anonymity Wiki
10/16/2017 Bridgewater Library Danny Akacki Neverending Hack: Mental Health in InfoSec & Beyond*
9/25/2017 Bridgewater Library Danny Akacki Game of SE: Improv Comedy & Social Engineering*
8/31/2017 Bridgewater Library Martin CXO Table Top Scenarios Wiki
7/19/2017 Chimney Rock Inn All InfoSec Social - Restaurant POS, Food, Meetup Future
6/21/2017 Mannion's Irish Pub Ben Smith InfoSec Social - Phinding Phishing Domains
5/17/2017 Chimney Rock Inn Steve Whose Incident Is It Anyway? Wiki
4/19/2017 Bridgewater Library Jason BrickerBot: The PDoS Botnet Wiki
4/19/2017 Bridgewater Library Anon Wiretaps & Service Provider Exceptions Wiki
3/15/2017 Bridgewater Library All InfoSec Roundtable Wiki
2/15/2017 Bridgewater Library Brian InfoSec TTPs: Infosec Testing Methodology Wiki
1/18/2017 Bridgewater Library Eric Conducting Defensible Investigations Wiki
12/14/2016 Mannion's Irish Pub Eric & Shawn Understanding & Navigating IT Certifications Wiki
11/3/2016 Delicious Heights Matt Overview of Distributed Denial of Service Wiki
10/12/2016 Chimney Rock Inn All Meet & Greet N/A
9/1/2016 Green Knoll Grill All Meet & Greet N/A

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...loves vulnerability research & discussing attack & defender scenarios. He secretly loves malware & long walks on the beach.



... has held numerous roles in the industry. He is working on acquiring OSCP & CISSP, along with helping people study for their certifications & be successful in the workplace. He loves learning & teaching all facets of technology.



... is an IT professional & has presented topics of various interest at Central NJ Infosec. He is very familiar with the world of IP telephony, large scale cyber attacks (DDOS) & general System Administration.

Anonymous, is that you?


... is the moniker we use for anyone who wants to remain anonymous when they present on a given topic, or does not want any information shared about the subject matter that they are presenting. This is similar to the format spawned by Austin Hackers Anonymous!