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This was a talk presented by Eric B. at our 1/8/2017 meeting. The topic was Conducting Defensible Investigations.

Slide Deck

The slide deck is available here: Conducting Defensible Investigations

Attendee Notes

Key terms:

Defensible in this context is something that can withstand being challenged in court

Forensics of or having to do with the court system

Incident Response operationalization of a risk management process to address known or unknown hazards

Investigations & Inquiriesinvestigation is an act taken by an investigative authority (legal term) while an inquiry is an investigation undertaken without investigative authorities (no subpoena powers, no search & seizure or arrest powers)

There is a big difference between proper “Incident Response compared to an IT ticket. One of them requires documentation, retention of data & mitigation, whereas the other, only cares about the solution to the problem & resolving it. This difference can be further widened by standard incident response & defensible incident response which includes *high levels of documentation*.

A big portion of this is Incident Response Planning (need some good links here)

There are some vendor specific certifications: EnCase, FTK, Autopsy, Cellbrite, Tableau

Additional Resources

Although the topic of this talk was more about investigation as a process, DFIR places a huge role in that. The links below are heavily based in the DFIR camp, as we would like to get the information out there & see talks potentially building on this topic to include DFIR.

Link Description
Title 18, Chapter 47 § 1030 Mentioned during the talk, in reference to legalese of capturing your own traffic & technology crime.
AccessData FTK One of the products mentioned
EnCase forensic One of the products mentioned
CellDEK TEK One of the products mentioned Forensics Degree A well accredited degree in this field on forensics
SANS GIAC Forensic Examiner Cert Page Well respected certification on being a forensic investigator hacks4pancakes blog :)
ForensicsWiki An amazing resource for this type of information A wonderful website that compliments the forensics wiki really well
About DFIR Awesome website, combined with the above links, you'll be comfortable with DFIR in short order :)
Forensic Lunch Videos | Looks to be a YouTube directory of previous hangouts of very passionate DFIR folks
Computer Forensics Wiki An Amazing Resource for All!
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