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This was an event ran by Steve 5/17/2017 meeting. The topic was “Whose Incident Is It, Anyway?” - the event was a list of possible scenarios where everyone around the table had to discuss what they would do in that given situation. Eric ran us through some similar scenarios in his presentation a few months ago. This sort of event is commonly know as a fire drill, 'round-table scenario', or IR walk-through.

Slide Deck

These are some of the questions we went through.

A point system was implemented whereby, the person with the lead is unable to speak in a given round or scenario until there is a new leader.

The 'plot twists' are to be considered a separate scenario. Some of the more unique answers we had during the evening:

* For the pineapple scenario, someone said they would throw it out the window.

* Crying in the corner, or quitting your job isn't an option.

Speaker or Attendee Notes

Any feedback for additional advice or resources should be directed messaged to @CowbellSteve on Twitter.

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources if you want to learn more.

Link Description
Defensive Security Handbook An awesome book that discusses scenarios like these in the very first chapter
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