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Hi there! 8-) Welcome this wiki! This wiki was created by Central NJ Infosec as a repository for slide decks from talks, resources & additional learning material. The contributors are the core leadership of Central NJ Infosec, however, anyone can make an account if they ask. We hope that you find these resources helpful, regardless of which side of the fence you work on.

Structure & How to Navigate this Wiki

The start page you are on currently is the main page of the wiki. As we branch out, we will have pages for individuals talks: if there are links or resources related to that subject, in addition to downloads for slide decks of a talk. An index of talks can be found on our homepage, along with our Meetup profile page.

Previous Talks, Presentations & Additional Resources

Date Presenter Topic Resource Link
8/31/2017 Martin & All CXO Table Top CXO Table Top
5/17/2017 Steve & All Whose Incident Is It, Anyway? Whose Incident Is It, Anyway?
4/19/2017 Jason BrickerBot: The PDoS Botnet BrickerBot - The PDoS Botnet
3/15/2017 All Infosec Social - Infosec Roundtable InfoSec Social - InfoSec Roundtable
2/15/2017 Brian InfoSec TTPs: Infosec Testing Methodology InfoSec TTPs: Infosec Testing Methodology
1/8/2017 Eric Conducting Defensible Investigations Conducting Defensible Investigations
12/15/2016 Eric & Shawn Understanding & Navigating IT Certifications Understanding IT Certifications
11/3/2016 Matt Overview of Distributed Denial of Service Overview of Distributed Denial of Service

How To Get Involved

Contact an organizer to see about having an account created.

Useful Resources

Here I have links to external sites that I have found very useful. Some of these are pages that cover how to think like a System Administrator (stop calling users stupid, understanding naming conventions, book resources), how to be more efficient (Time Management, Skill Growth, Focus), using computing resources properly, learning resources, and so on.

Helpful Links Description
Time Management for System Administrators Tom Limoncelli's talk on Time Management for Sysadmins Revised Slide Deck
The Path to Senior Sysadmin Adam Moskowitz's talk - discusses common issues in the System Administrator space.
Shawn Sterling on better Sysadmin A decent talk covering some additional points
Sheeri The Finer Art of Being a Senior Sysadmin Another one of those “How to be a Senior” talk that's extremely helpful :-)
Canonical answers over the years... A *must* read for any Sysadmin starting out
Search for backdoors by previous Sysadmin Interesting stuff here to learn about & be comfortable with
Linux IPv6 HowTo Really nice general IPv6 & Linux Primer
How to find what process is listening on a port ←-
Primer on lsof A great read on using lsof to spit out system information in Linux
7 Networking Things all Sysadmins should know to watch for later
HipChat /cmds HipChat Slash Commands Reference
win32time win32time
WIRED how to setup your own DNS Str8 & to the point!
TCPIPUtils TCP/IP Utils page - albeit scary looking, great resource
TGS netstat and Tech-Easier NetStat netstat goodness
LibVirt Command Guide The bible of LibVirt?
BGP leak example BGPStream BGP Stream
techmint top commands Useful top commands
CyberCiti CPU Utilization CPU utilization one-liners
multiRBL This is for very specific purposes ;)
Linux LVM Solid LMV Primer
USE Methodology USE Methodology - Amazing Resource for Performance Issues
USE Linux Performance Troubleshoot Troubleshoot Performance in Linux
BG Index Site listing his site here because it's *that* awesome
Nixcraft Top Monitoring Tools Commonly used Linux monitoring tools
Pacman Rosetta Package Manager commands & translations to others
Dig Web Interface A Dig online web interface - will give command to build/run a dig command if you don't know the right syntax. Useful for checking a customer's DNS resolvers
GT Metrix or Pingdom Tools Website Speedtest Sites, used for checking “FTTB” first to byte times, e.g. web-developers use this as a benchmark to determine how fast their site loads :\
What should a Linux Administrator know by head? A great resource of what Linux Sysadmins should know
What should a Sysadmin know (Google Search Results) What should a Sysadmin know Google Search of ServerFault…
MediaWiki Formatting - Ignoring Formatting Page A great site & page on MediaWiki formatting
Pro Git eBook Amazing eBook on getting started with Git!
GitHub Tutorial GitHub's Tutorial on Git!
Mike Jung Wiki Mike Jung's wiki page - I don't know who this is but they are glorious.
RHEL 7 KVM Admin Guide RHEL 7 Virtualization Administration & Deployment Guide
An amazing external source with many mindmaps & vulnerable VMs! Useful as heck!
DFIR Lunch Amazing group of passionate folks!
Computer Forensics Wiki Amazing resource if you're into DFIR & forensics
Security Onion GitHub Check out their wiki tab, especially their page on SecurityOnion conference
NIST Glossary of Information Security Terminology Have no idea what's going on or what we're talking about? You may want to start here…
Tools and Standards for Cyber Threat Intelligence Threat Intel Gathering. You may also want to read this related paper
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